Promotional video of the "IPAC" Project: Interpretation of the Cordovan Archaeological Heritage

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Seven sites of the Cordoba archaeological heritage they invite together to enjoy the beauty and to reveal the deep meanings of our past.

The IPAC project groups in a shared idea of ​​heritage interpretation to the following cultural sites in the province of Córdoba:

  • Archaeological site of Majadaiglesia (El Guijo)
  • Dolmen of Casas Don Pedro (Belmez)
  • Los Nublos paleontological site (Hornachuelos)
  • Tower of Don Lucas (La Victoria)
  • Roman cisterns (Monturque)
  • Archaeological site of Torreparedones (Baena)
  • Cave of the Bats (Zuheros)

The project is financed within the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Andalusia 2007-2013, through aid managed by the Cooperation Groups, being executed by the Association for the Development of Guadajoz and East Countryside of Córdoba (ADEGUA), with the collaboration of the Rural Development Groups of the province of Córdoba (Subbética, Campiña Sur, Medio Guadalquivir, Sierra Morena, Alto Guadiato and Adroches), the municipalities of Baena, Zuheros, Monturque, La Victoria, Hornachuelos, Belmez and El Guijo, and the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

After studying History at the University and after many previous tests, Red Historia was born, a project that emerged as a means of dissemination where you can find the most important news of archeology, history and humanities, as well as articles of interest, curiosities and much more. In short, a meeting point for everyone where they can share information and continue learning.

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